That’s me

I am Sophie, a German student enrolled at Lancaster University studying Economics with a Minor in Mandarin Chinese. After completing my first year in rainy England, I am going to continue my adventure in the perhaps even rainier and colder Ottawa, the capital of Canada. I’ll be there as an exchange student at the University of Ottawa for the whole academic year 2016/17. I want to use this blog to write about my daily life in Ottawa, the Uni life of a 2nd year Economics student and the hopefully fun-filled life of an exchange student.

Now a bit more about me…

I really enjoy doing sports, in particular playing Handball, which I am also planning on continuing in Ottawa. Besides, I love travelling, exploring different cities and being in the nature, hiking and going for long walks (since I have lived near the Lake District for one year, I had no choice but to fall in love with it). Therefore I am hoping and planning that I will have some time and good company to explore different parts of Canada while I’m there. Never having travelled all the way across the Atlantic, I have no doubts it will be one of the most exciting 8 months of my life.


I pray that God keeps blessing me to do good things and impact peoples’ lives there and to have an amazing and joyful time abroad. Ameeeen!!