Starting off the New Year!

New Year’s Eve

Man, New Year’s Eve came so fast, Anna and I did not even have time to write down our new year’s resolutions like we usually do every single year! And four weeks into the new year, I still haven’t made the list! Recently I have had so many good conversations with people in all different life stages and I have also heard many different pastors preach and one thing has really stood out in the last few weeks. I started to understand that life is more of a journey than anything else and that each step in my life should take time and careful consideration. Therefore, making a list of 20 resolutions is just super overwhelming and the changes that we want to see in ourselves in the new year might only take place on the surface but will not actually get into our daily habits and routines. This will just lead to disappointment and the ‘I am just born that way and I can’t do anything about it’-way of thinking. For myself, I want to make sure that every single one of my resolutions which eventually is aiming to make myself a ‘better person’, is carefully planted into my heart and mind so that it doesn’t just vanish again at the beginning of February. Therefore taking the time to really work on a short list of resolutions or even having one resolution every month, in my opinion, is far more effective! This year, my number 1 resolution though is to keep walking through life with my eyes wide open step by step to see all the goodness around me and to concentrate on the positive things and instead of leaving out the negative aspects, I want to be able to see the good things that come with it, how it helps me to grow, how it will help me to improve and how I can use those as opportunities to work on myself!

Anyways, back to New York!…New Year’s Eve!

At around 10 pm we finally made our way downtown, both of us wearing around 10 layers of clothes! We decided to go and see the Fireworks in Central Park rather than going to see the Ball drop in Times Square for different reasons. Honestly if we hadn’t been in New York I would have just loved to stay in my room, reading a book, listening to music and just waiting for 12 o’clock to pass, but if people had asked me what we did NYE, I would have had to make up some exciting story, ain’t nobody got time for that, so we just stepped out of our hotel room to surround ourselves with a whole lot of crazy New Yorkers! 😉 As you can imagine, the streets were super busy but we made it just in time and the fireworks were amazing!! and long! Soon after that we made our way back again to the hotel and went to bed. Sorry for the rather boring story, but we tried our best! ;). Here is the proof:

In the end of the day, it’s just the date that changes, nothing else, and all the other changes will only start happening with time, right?! So yeah I am super super super super super excited for this year! So much is gonna happen, moving back to Germany and then England and I don’t know what but I know for sure that many more exciting things are going to take place this year and during the summer! Even in the past 3 weeks, so many great things, small or big, have happened and literally I wake up everyday so expectant and excited of what will happen, good or bad, it will definitely help me grow into the person that I will be one day!

The first day of 2017!

That day was the nicest day we had in New York, hey, what a great start of the new year! We had no choice but to take the New York underground today to get to Roosevelt island, an island in the East River. We were visiting the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, a park, located at the top of the island, that is honoured the four freedoms speech that Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered as the eight State of the Union address, proposing ‘four freedoms’: Freedom of speech, Freedom of worship, Freedom from want and Freedom from fear. Check out the quote on the stone in the picture, such an inspiring extract! As it was a super sunny day, we sat down at the tip of the island and gazed into the distance, such an emotional 1st of January eh ;)!


After that, the ticket for our sightseeing bus got validated, so we took a bus to the lower part of Manhattan, where we finally saw the Statue of Liberty…in the dark distance (so pictures were not an option unfortunately! Apart from that, we also saw the Financial district, the flatiron building and the stock exchange.

Day 2 and 3 of 2017

The next two days were very rainy, so we did not actually get up to much. On the 2nd we continued our sightseeing bus tour through the Upper East and Upper West side and through the Bronx. It was so cold and wet that it was not a lot of fun, however we still got to know some interesting facts about that neighbourhoods. That Evening was the first time we walked through Time square! It was as impressive as I imagined it to be! Check out the pictures!



All in all, New York is a wonderful city and I definitely need to go back, but next time it will be a summer vacation for sure! 😉 After almost one week, on January 3rd we took the overnight Bus back to Montreal and then caught another bus to Ottawa. The bus ride was only a total of 8 hours, not bad at all! There is definitely no better feeling than being ‘home’ again. See you again, New York!



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