an Update on my life – week 5

So… a super super lot has been happening the last week which I wanna tell you about!! Where did the 5 weeks go?!

Panda panda panda panda

Here in Canada American football is quite a big thing, so I had no option but to go to THE football match of the University team the Gee Gees against their rival the University of Carleton (which is another University just outside downtown Ottawa). All the students here in my street (which is pretty much the whole street) including our neighbours from above (who decided to start pre drinks at 8.30 IN THE MORNING right outside my window) got smashed before the match. After having had some beer before and during the match I do not understand the joy of getting drunk at a football match. And for the fact that almost everyone there was drunk and some people were even sick in front us, the atmosphere wasn’t as amazing as I imagined it to be!


I just got super tired and realized that my fun alcohol times are probably over! I’m getting old! haha. As uOttawa was losing (as usual) we left 20 minutes early, considering that a match goes on for about 3 hours! It was held at the big stadium TD place where usually the Ottawa Redblacks football team plays. Well at least I can tick that off my bucket list and hopefully one day I will learn the rules of this rather confusing sport! Oh and it was called the Panda match as the trophy that the two Universities are fighting over is a Panda.

Church life

I have become part of a connect group from  MyChurch, which so far has been a great experience. It is basically a bunch of people (around 15 I would say) that meet every other week to pray, hang out and, as the name says, to be able to connect with people that are in the church. In my case we are all university students and the group is called the ‘adventure group’ so we will meet up and do different fun activities like for example bowling and paintballing. Honestly I was always a bit scared to join a group because of different reasons but if you are in a Church it is so much more fun and rewarding if you actually get to meet people who you can talk to about God and the Bible and it just makes the whole journey so much better (and it is not always a bible study group like in my case however surely that would also be really nice!) I’m also super excited for Church tomorrow as it will be the Thanksgiving service! (a thanksgiving post is coming very soon!)

Fridays-fun days

Yesterday I got up early in the morning to go to the vegetable and fruits market at ByWard market. As always the weather here is very deceiving. It looks cold outside but as soon as you walk a 100 metres and the sun comes out you wish you had left those 3 extra layers at home! ByWard market is so cute as it has many small independent shops like cheese shops, fruit shops, sweet shops and wine shops right next to all the fruit, vegetable and flower stands.


Due to holidays the school club was closed on Friday and as I had forgotten and already walked there, I decided why not to grab a few items from the market and make apple crumble! I was surprised how well the improvised recipe actually turned out:


As you have probably noticed by now, I don’t really go ‘out out’ here as in like clubbing but we do other even more fun things like for example finding cool spots to watch the sunset! So this Friday night we decided to go to Westboro Beach which is in the south of Ottawa as I was reading online, that that is one of the top spots to go to watch the sunset and also two of my housemates love finding nice spots to play around with their cameras. The bus ride there was around half an hour and as we left a little too late we just made it in time to see the most amazing colours in the sky! This beach actually had sand and a couple of people were even swimming in the river! To be fair it was 26 °C that day, in October!! We tried to take those cool silhouette pictures with the sunset but….ehm yeah it didn’t quite work out…

Other than that…I started to go running outside instead of going to the gym and do exercises at a park very close to my house. It was so warm and nice in the evenings last week and it is simply amazing watching the sun set and the reflections in the Rideau River. And yes that is my neighbourhood!!! It’s stunning, right?!

I have so much more to tell you about what happened the last weeks and what is happening during thanksgiving, so there will be new posts coming soon! But first, I gotta catch up with my work for the midterms coming up! Wish me luck! 😉


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