Hiking in Gatineau Park (and my new church!)

On Saturday I went for a hike with the International Student Friendship program, an organisation that is bringing international students in Ottawa together. In case you are interested, their website can be found here. The hike was located in Gatineau Park where we got taken to by one of those yellow school buses (you see them everywhere here and they are actually used as everyday school buses, so cool, right?!). You can see the park which is the big dark green space on the left in the picture (it was only a 20 minute bus ride there)PhotoGrid_1474934049018[1160331].jpg

We hiked or better walked to Mackenzie King Estate, a 2.32 square kilometre country estate that once belonged to the 10th Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. Between 1903 and 1950 he spent his time their building and looking after his house and land there.

First we went to see a waterfall that because of the lack of rain in the last weeks was almost completely dried out as you can see in the pictures below. As you can probably also see, I was very tired that day 😉 !

Doesn’t it just look like home?! 😉 After that, me and Jiawen, a girl from Beijing that I met there (you can see her in the picture), went to see the Mackenzie King estate, which is now a museum where you can see the rooms in the house and read about his life and how he spend his time there. His house looks very cute and the gardens were beautiful! The weather was really nice as you can see but it is slowly getting colder here now… I have already worn my winter coat once, just saying 😉


There was also a small lake right at the beginning of the hike which was very pretty:


So all in all the hike was definitely an adventure and I hope I can go back there in the end of October to see the trees when the leaves have changed colour.

My new Church – MyChurch

Last but not least, I am super excited that I found an amazing church here in Ottawa that is called  MyChurch and you should definitely go and check out their website and click ‘watch video’ -> here <-to get an idea of how they do church there. It is very different to the ‘normal’ traditional church but that is one of the reasons why I love it so much as the worship with a band in the theatre makes it a great atmosphere and personally I find that their messages are really speaking into my everyday life. However most importantly it is just a great place to hear about God and the Bible in a more lively atmosphere with many young people and also students (they even do shuttle buses to the venue from the 2 big Unis here). By the way, the church is very similar to Hillsong Church, which is the church I would usually go to when I’m in London.

So yeah…I’m getting more and more busy now with mid-terms coming up in two weeks but I will definitely keep you up to date with all the stuff that will happen the next weeks, which is gonna be a LOT!




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