Exploring Ottawa – the Prince of Wales bridge

Last night me and one of my flatmates sat down and wrote our bucket list for this year. Since it’s Friday and we both didn’t have classes today, we decided to start crossing things off and go check out the abandoned Prince of Wales rail bridge that is built across the Ottawa river with the purpose of joining Ottawa (ON) and Gatineau (QC) and apparently it is very picturesque. The photo below shows a part of the bridge from Lemieux Island to Ottawa with the skyline of Downtown Ottawa in the background. (at the very left you can see the Peace Tower, no it’s not the Big Ben, with the Parliament buildings). The bridge was built in 1880 but is no longer used due to health and safety hazards, however you can still go onto it and many people also drive their bikes across the rail bridge.


To start…Today was a beautiful day, this morning when we walked to the gym TWICE (as I forgot my membership card at home) it was pretty cold but the sun had just risen and warmed us up. This is always such a good feeling and it defos makes it a lot easier to get up early in the morning to work out. Throughout the day, it got hotter and hotter until it reached 25 degrees and a wonderful blue sky which was very promising for a stunning sunset!

We set off at around 6 pm and we took the bus to…well, I should say, we were meant to take the bus (which departs right in front of our house) to Albert/Bayview, however we were having such a good conversation that we missed our stop and got off a few stops later in the Tunney’s Pasture district which actually is a district that was developed especially for Canadian federal government buildings. After a 30 minute walk we finally arrived at a bridge leading onto a little island that is connected to the mainland with a part of the rail bridge. We just made it in time to see the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G sunset.


We both couldn’t believe our eyes and we had no words for how stunning it was! Literally Thank God we decided to go there today. My expectations were to see a rail bridge with graffiti on it that might be good enough for a nice picture to upload on Instagram ;), but we got to see THIS. The pictures don’t even do it justice!

We didn’t actually end up going to the rail bridge that we wanted to see as the view on the other bridge (oh god…so many bridges) had carried us away and of course we cannot let a sunset like this pass without taking cringey pictures, right?! So here are a few:

As if this hadn’t been incredible enough, today, the 16th is also the date of this year’s Harvest Moon, an especially large and bright full moon which happened to be right above the skyline of Ottawa. Simply breath-taking!! (Sadly the quality isn’t great of the night pictures…) But I guess sometimes we just gotta enjoy the moments and keep hold of the memories rather than taking a hundred pictures. I am so in love with Ottawa!!!


Well I think one thing is for sure, we will go back there very soon!


2 thoughts on “Exploring Ottawa – the Prince of Wales bridge

  1. Guten Morgen kleiner earlybird! Das sind wirklich sehr schöne Bilder und ich kann mir vorstellen, daß es sehr sehr inspirierend war. Ottawa scheint dir gut zu tun. Zu Hause kann man übrigens auch früh aufstehen….;-)))))) Du schläfst ja jetzt bestimmt noch oder schon. Ich freu mich über deinen blog … das macht wirklich sehr viel Spaß. LG Petra

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