Exploring Ottawa – Canadian food

Today, for the first time I met up with my partner from the Buddy program that the uOttawa runs, where a Canadian student gets linked up with an international exchange student, so that we can learn more about the Canadian culture. My ‘Buddy’ is Jasmin, a super nice girl of my age who studies international studies with German and French. Canadian people are all really friendly and open-minded which makes it really easy to connect with them. We had an amazing afternoon eating traditional Canadian food and walking around the city, exploring ByWard Market and Chapters which is a massive Canadian bookshop, it was so much fun. These are the Canadian dishes I have discovered so far:


Poutine is a typical Canadian fast food, basically, French fries (or chips, how we call them in England), gravy and cheese curds (mostly known in Canada, in my opinion it is similar to halloumi cheese) mixed together. It looks something like this:


In the poutine shop where we bought it, they had it in all different variations with various toppings like chicken, peppers, bacon and so on. I had the size ‘snackbox’ which was already very filling…and according to my housemates so unhealthy that you only want to eat it once a year (not sure if that’s true aha). However since I have started going to the gym again, today’s morning workout has already paid off ;). Anyways, in case you wanna check it out, the shop’s website can be found here.


Afterwards we went to have dessert…And no…they are not real beavertails, when you see the picture, you will see where the name comes from. They are made out of dough ( I’d say similar to donut dough) which is hand-stretched and then deep-fried to make it a thin and crispy pastry. After that, traditionally, while it is still hot, cinnamon and sugar is sprinkled on top of it which makes it melt a little. Sooooo tasty!!! Again, there is many toppings to choose from that reach from chocolate spread to garlic butter and cheese. Jasmin for example had it with cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice. I’m sure, I will have many more opportunities to try all the different flavours in the next 8 months! And here is a picture:


To finish off my Canadian food day, of course I had no other choice but to buy real Canadian MAPLE SYRUP and CANDY (caramel-coloured clear maple leaf-shaped candies made out of pure maple syrup) at a stand in ByWard Market. I found out that Jasmin’s uncle has a Maple Syrup farm nearby and she told me about maple syrup popsicles that are made in snow (let me tell you something: I will definitely try them!). Apparently the Maple Syrup season is in March, so I’ll make sure I get to go to a farm by then. In the meantime my Canada bucket list keeps growing and growing.

Now that I have finished procrastinating, I’m gonna do my assignment that is due on Monday…honestly, starting classes again is harder than I thought it would be! Also, tomorrow I am finally trying out one of the Pentecostal churches here in Ottawa, I’m so excited and curious about how it is going to be! I’ll keep you updated ;)!


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