And so it begins…

My journey began on the 2nd of September. The packing before was hectic and only starting it 2 days before definitely did not help. As I had only one big suitcase and one hand luggage suitcase I packed mainly clothes and shoes and loads of jackets to be prepared for the cold winters in Canada.

I have never been in a plane for that long before so I was a bit nervous that I would not be able to sleep and time just would not pass, however when I arrived at my seat and I settled down while we were taking off I already knew everything will be fine. It was a very quiet flight without turbulences, luckily! Besides being woken up for food like three times, I was able to get some rest and  to mentally prepare for my arrival in Canada. 8 hours later we landed in Halifax, Canada, where I had 3 hours to kill. The moment I walked towards the Boarder and Immigration service at the airport, I knew my adventure has started. The arrival part at the airport looked very impressive with a lot of dark wood and small water fountains, honestly I wouldn’t have been surprised if a brown bear had walked around the corner. I passed the immigration service, got a stamp in my passport and a student permit form, so exciting!!! After checking in my luggage for my connection flight, I started my adventure with getting some fresh Canadian air just outside the airport and a meal at Tim Hortons, it couldn’t have been more Canadian, right! My flight to Ottawa was in a much smaller airplane than the previous one which to be honest I was surprised by. It had 2 seats on each side in each row and I was hardly able to stand up in the plane, not gonna lie I was a bit scared of how bumpy the flight is gonna be, however it was a very good flight again, apart from having to sit in a tiny, uncomfortable seat for 2 hours. Finally landing in Ottawa was a great feeling, arriving in the city that I will call my home for the next 8 months…

2016-09-02 04.32.01 1_1473128526184_resized[314176]
Halifax Airport
I was greeted by UOttawa students at the welcome desk from the University. They then took me and a few other exchange students including a German and an Austrian girl to the public bus stop to take us to the University from where I took another bus closer to my house in Sandy Hill, a really nice neighbourhood right behind the University (pictures will follow!). Being totally shattered from pushing the 30 kilo suitcase , I had to find out that my room hasn’t been furnished yet, that means there was no bed there and no desk, nothing. Honestly I was not amused as you can probably imagine but as I wasn’t able to do anything about it that evening, I just had to take it and I slept on the floor the first night. This moment I realized that unlike my previous adventures, not everywhere will give me a super easy start, you know what they say, when life gives you lemons, just make lemonade. Apart from that, our basement flat has recently been refurbished and is therefore furnished in a very modern way which I really like and I immediately felt comfortable there (I’ll soon take pictures of the place). For now I will have a few days figuring everything out and exploring the city. See you soon!


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